Why Lifeline?

Do conditions like these influence your organization’s results?

  • Constant Reorganization
  • Punishing Deadlines
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Collaboration with People You Can’t See
  • Accountability Without Authority

Our Customers Tell Us They Do . . .

We’re all aware of the tremendous increase in pressure and demands on today’s leaders and organizations.  But are you aware of the impact of this new “pressure cooker” on your bottom line?

Our customers have told us about some of the outcomes of overload that they’ve experienced:

  • Lost Sales.  An overwhelmed executive is too busy to respond to customers who want his product, so he loses the business.
  • Fewer Product and Service Offerings.  Human and business resources are too compromised elsewhere to come together to launch a new product line.
  • Fewer Creative Ideas.  Because of operational demands, senior leaders—those whose minds are most important to the business—are buried under a mountain of details, with no time to develop creative insights or transformational ideas.
  • Poor Service.  Customers get shoddy, “make-do” service due to a last-minute, crisis cleanup of mistakes caused by escalating pace and inattention.
  • Excellence Deferred.  Skill development is postponed and repair of bottlenecks is delayed until the (last) “reorganization is settled.”

“If my job continued like this for the next 3-5 years, I’d be dead.”
(Corporate Diversity Executive)

What’s your experience?

What’s been the impact of accelerating speed, increasing customer demands, and long hours on your own organization?

Has the time come for a response?

We don’t see the escalating global competition, breakneck speed, and high customer expectations going away anytime soon.

So … you can’t change the conditions you and your business face.

But … you can change your leaders’ capacity to handle those conditions so your business prospers.


A professional development solution
for leaders under extreme pressure
for organizations who can’t afford to lose them.

The Problem is External … The Solution is Internal