Our Purpose

We exist to strengthen the inner resources of leaders and leadership teams in the workplace.

Our goal is revitalizing leaders
who face relentless, intensifying pressure.


Publicly, it’s still business as usual. Privately, we hear leaders tell a different story. Crushing workloads. Impossible deadlines. Slashed budgets. Warring functions. Shrinking staff. A feeling of being at your wit’s end, with no end in sight.

Where does the answer lie? We think that the key is building resilience. And that leaders become resilient by having the courage to close the door on the turbulence outside—and think. Although problems are external, the solutions are internal. So how do leaders find a moment for reflection?

We believe that in order to find a “still point” in the rising heat and noise that surrounds them now, leaders must activate and expand their inner arsenal of personal resources. This builds both courage and resilience.

So we offer LifeLine as an “inside-out” approach that builds a leader’s unique, inner capacities. In order to act more courageously when they are trying to build a business or manage a challenging employee, to stay cool as impossible deadlines approach, and to produce results when high-level turf battles threaten to sabotage company objectives, leaders need the rewards of an “inward bound” adventure.

LifeLine’s role is providing a trustworthy map to guide this journey to the interior. Together, we work to expand and leverage a leader’s portfolio of inner resources—their source of power—to defuse the crisis and chaos in the moment.

Ultimately, we help leaders build their personal resilience so that they can:

  • Make decisions more calmly when uncertainty and complexity continue to escalate;
  • Manage relationships more confidently when emotions rise and limits must be set; and
  • Stand alone more courageously when integrity is at stake.

In this process, we also counteract “stuckness,” pessimism, and exhaustion by offering leaders:

  • New lenses to see how the patterns in their personal biographies are controlling their current decisions.
  • Fresh options for resolving chronic roadblocks and interpersonal friction.
  • Provocative tools to expand and sharpen their toolkit of influence strategies.